We guide the professional career of artists for long term success, advise and represent them, help them to build a brand, reach out to their audiences and communicate with music industry companies. Additionally, we support artists and projects with creativity, know-how and a large network of music business professionals.

Organizational talent and a passion for great music and great songs bring out the best in our projects and the artists we’re working with.


In collaboration with the artist we develop a media strategy that supports the image of the artist. Our goal is to convert fans and followers into customers by building an online corporate identity, managing daily social media tasks, developing exciting content and using effective marketing tools.

Coordinating releases and promotional efforts on social media is our speciality. We also provide strategic content planning and performance marketing solutions.


Our group coachings and individual coachings offer a variety of information about the digital music business and new marketing methods. Starting with social media, we provide you with an individual KPI-analysis of your channels, insights about algorithms and audiences and strategies to improve your social media performance.

Additionally, our music business knowledge makes discovering potential partners, business models and income streams easy.

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